Marion's Merry Minis Fine Handcrafted Scale Miniatures

Southwest Orno Beehive Wall Hearth

1" Scale miniature. The Socorro Beehive Hearth is a Southwest style wall fireplace without frame. Fits against a flat wall in your room box or dollhouse. The perfect compliment to a southwestern or contemporary room. Handcrafted in Styrofoam. Comes assembled and lightly stuccoed. Can be painted or you can add more stucco. We suggest using joint compound (from your local hardware store) mixed with paint to create an authentic "stucco" look. After applying it to the walls with a paint brush, use a dry sponge to dab it all over, creating a stucco-like texture.

Dimensions: 5”W x 2 1/2”D x 3 1/4”H