Marion's Merry Minis Fine Handcrafted Scale Miniatures
  • Dog, Labrador Retriever

    1” Scale miniature Labrador Retriever.Always happy to please, this Labrador dog is sitting on hind legs or lounging companionably with a smile on his face. Labrador Retriever is available either in sitting position in Black, Chocolate or Golden or in lounging position in Black or Golden. (Lounging position is currently out of stock).

    The modern Labrador's ancestors originated on the island of Newfoundland. The first was said to be brought to England around 1820. There is a story that the Earl of Malmesbury saw one on a fishing boat and immediately made arrangements with traders to have some exported to England. These ancestors of the first labradors so impressed the Earl with their skill and ability for retrieving anything within the water and on shore that he devoted his entire kennel to developing and establishing the breed. Even-tempered and well-behaved, Labradors are athletic and playful. A favorite assistance dog breed today, Labradors are frequently trained to aid blind and autistic people, act as therapy dogs, and perform screening and detection work for law enforcement and other official agencies.