Marion's Merry Minis Fine Handcrafted Scale Miniatures
  • Dog, Irish Setter

    1" Scale miniature Irish Setter, a popular breed of gundog for hunting or as a family dog.

    Irish Setters get along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets, and will enthusiastically greet visitors. They enjoy having a job to do and thrive on constant human companionship. Irish Setters respond swiftly to positive training and are highly intelligent. Although Irish Setters are not suited as guard dogs, they are widely used as therapy dogs. One of the first references to the 'Setter,' or setting dog, in literature was published in 1570. The Irish Setter was bred for hunting, specifically for setting or locating and pointing upland gamebirds. They are a tireless, wide-ranging hunter, and well-suited to fields and wet or dry moorland terrain. Using their excellent sense of smell to locate the mark (or bird), the Irish Setter will then hold a pointing position, indicating the direction in which the bird lies hidden.